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Nasi Lemak Cikgu

One of the nice things about having friends to visit is that you are forced to go out and do something, and you usually end up learning more about where you live.

WW had hearf about 'Nasi Lemak Cikgu' many times, and our guest said he wanted to try some Malay food - so we checked it out for breakfast today

It was full, with many families and people enjoying the food, and it took a little while to get a nice table.

The choice of food is simple - nasi lemak biasa, with fried egg, chicken, or sotong. We ordered a selection, along with some drinks (teh-o-limau, etc.)

Verdict? Nice, though it didn't seem amazing to me. But the chicken was tasty (fried with curry leaf), the sambal tart (but it could have been a bit hotter), and the sotong tender :-) However, there were hardly any ikan bilis, which was a pity.

It cost RM20 for three plates of nasi lemak, chicken, two portions of sotong, and the drinks, which is reasonable.

The address is Jalan SS5B/2, easily accesible from the LDP if you turn off at the Western Digital junction.


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Fudzail on :

My house is in Kelana Jaya but now living in Dubai since 2000, sometimes had breakfast at this Nasi Lemak Cikgu but not really liked it.


julian on :

Bet you miss nasi lemak in Dubai though ;-)

Prasys on :

Thanks for the heads up on the review. So Julian how do you find Malay cuisine and hows your experience ?

So how was the nasi lemak ? Is it good as opposed to buying from stalls by the road ?

julian on :

It was OK, but I would have preferred the sambal to be hotter.

Depends which stall, I suppose :-)

Pradeesh/prasys on :

That's great. Heh , I think you should start up a stall/shop in Europe. Trust me it would be a hit

My two cents worth of advice


julian on :

I think Malaysian food is a greatly under-used resource for Malaysians... Somehow, there are just not many Malaysian restaurants out there, when there are so many Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc...

Antoo Fighter on :

Agreed with u Julian. The chicken is hot and nice. but no ikan bilis?
Cikgu, we want ikan bilis.. we want more ikan bilis with kacang.
but dont hike up the price la.. :-))

julian on :

Ya lor! More peanuts also! They always taste nice when freshly fried :-P

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