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Profit Blogging Bootcamp - Meeting for money?

Well, I signed up for a "Profit Blogging Bootcamp" workshop with Asia Online Mastery. It is free and I kept on seeing the ads in the newspaper, so I finally gave in to temptation :-)

Their headline on the ad is:
"Discover How I Made USD 36,322.57 On The Internet in ONE MONTH And How YOU Can Do It Too"

Well, I suppose he did do that at least once, but I'm sure it wasn't in his first month, anyway :-)

I was speaking to someone the other day who had started a blog because she had been reading another blog that was successfully making some money. Like many others, more than a year down the line she had yet to reach her USD100 Adsense payoff point. It reminded me that it's not unusual for people to start blogs to make money - I have no statistics, but I have been told that more than once, and seen it online.

However, the most popular blogs in Malaysia were not started to make money, maybe just because when they did start, that was not an option. I wonder how it will be in five years, when people starting blogging now have the examples of leading bloggers who get four-figure sums for blogging, invited to events, freebies, etc. It's definitely true that people are more likely to follow what others do (though of course they adapt, and some people are truly innovative): so when five years ago blogging was mostly defined by people talking about their life, often anonymously - or at least without having met each other - now, blogging is seen by many as a means to become something of a celebrity, and meeting up with other bloggers is more commonplace and, in many instances, facilitated by other interested parties.

Here's an interesting quote from a paper by Reed - it is a quote from a blogger who describes the first time they meet up:
"At ?rst we sat there on this table looking at each other in stupe?ed silence, slightly nervously, and then someone just went ‘you know what you wrote the other day about Princess Diana, that’s so completely true’, and then suddenly the conversation exploded. I think the weirdest thing about meeting people face to face is how normal it feels very swiftly."

Anyway, back to the workshop this evening. It is free, but I wonder what they get out of it? I suppose they will try to sell some extra training package, or something. Anyway, I'm sure it will be interesting, and I'll meet more bloggers :-)

Reed, A., 2005. ‘My Blog Is Me’: Texts and Persons in UK Online Journal Culture (and Anthropology). Ethnos, 70(2), 220-242.


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renaye on :

what u r going to listen is justa teaser. at the end of the talk, the speaker will try marketing their trainings to u all.

julian on :

Ya I guess so - have you been to one before?

clarisseteagen on :

Banana!!! :-D I'd love to go for this too. Where is it?
Could you please please drop me a link on my cbox?
ooo, maybe we could even meet up. I'll probably be going alone if i do go. :-D :-O :-) :-P

i adore smileys

julian on :

Too late already I'm afraid, it was last night :-|

They have another one tonight though (check the link above). However, be aware that - as Renaye predicted - it is basically a teaser and the real meat is only obtained by joining their 'Blog Coaching System'. Needless to say, that is not free.

Steven Wong on :

Hi Julian,

Thanks for coming to my Free Profit Blogging Workshop and I am sure you do learn something new and help you in blogging. At least you know how to make money from blogging by now.

Anyway, I like to correct what you mentioned above, the result we got is not one time, it's a consistent result over the past 2-3 years.

I am sorry for not able to speak to you on last week as I was busy to answering the enquiries but I do hear my staff said that you need some help on your PhD study, do contact me if you still need some assistant.

For renaye, it is a coaching program that help people to "fast track" their success in blogging. Of course you have the option for NOT taking part in this.
Since this is a willing buyer-seller situation, we are only looking for people who are interest into the coaching program.

For clarisseteagen, you can check out my website for the upcoming workshop:


julian on :

Hello Steven, thanks for taking the time to drop by :-)

What I really meant was that you surely didn't make that in the first month, and that making money from blogs is definitely not an easy or quick option.

Steven Wong on :

Of course you can't "make quick money" here but you are "sure make money" here.

It's just like your PhD study, will get get rich a month after you completed your study?

What I really want to emphasis here is the mindset of people are not right. They allow 5-10 years to success in corporate world but they can't wait that long when come to wealth creation skills like this.

Certainly, this is not for those people who want to "Get rich quick".

julian on :

Thanks for the feedback :-)

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