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Checking out Gunung Ledang

We're planning with some friends to do a short camping trip up Gunung Ledang in a couple of months, and today we went on a short scouting trip to check out the area.

One of our party had been there before, and wanted to check out a resort that was not the standard one where all the tour buses go and everything. It's call Taman Hutan Lagenda, and you have to drive 10-15 minutes through a bumpy plantatation dirt road to get there.

On the way we spotted this kingfisher

The resort itself is nice, basically a start-off point for hikes - with accomodation ranging from a Deluxe Chalet at RM220 a night, to dormitory beds at RM10 each.

We followed a short trail that loops around from the resort

Nothing very fascinating, but pleasant. There was this unusual root that you could walk under

Anyway, we spoke to some guides and got a price list and all - and hopefully we'll be able to go up in May :-)


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renaye on :

the kingfisher is real?! it looks so much bigger than the ones i have seen in penang.

julian on :

Most definitely real, it flew away when I tried to get closer :-) It had a really bright blue colour on its wings that did not come out so well in the photo.

renaye on :

the last time i saw a hummingbird was 17 years ago.... wow... that's really long!

RYC: not too sure if the foreign couple didn't know or what... but it also happens to local people.

julian on :

It's a kingfisher not a hummingbird - hence the larger size :-)

RYC on my comment - locals don't have an excuse, foreigners may have...

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