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Free IQ test at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

A friend of a friend is doing a Masters in Clinical Psychology at UKM, and needs 50 volunteers for a FREE IQ test using the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (3rd edition). I dunno what that means, but it means that it's wAAay better than those gimmicky free things you can do online.

Here are the details:

Ever wonder what is your IQ performance? What are your strengths and abilities?

o You don’t have to pay RM400 (and above) to know your IQ performance. IT’S COMPLETELY FREE.
o You get to know your IQ performance & how to enhance your abilities.
o You get to know your strengths & weaknesses, thus giving you more insight on yourself.
o You gain more confidence.
o Confidentiality rest assured.

You only need to:
o Be 20 years of age and above.
o Go to either Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia at Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Kuala Lumpur OR Hospital Kajang, Kajang.
o Sign an inform consent (agreeing to the administration of the test and maintaining CONFIDENTIALITY).
o Spend 2 to 2 and ½ hours for the test, anytime from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you're interested, email Nur Arfah Zaini at: arf_55 AT yahoo DOT com

I did an IQ test once when I was 14, and scored 160-something - ever since whenever I have tried I keep scoring less and less :-| So I guess my senility started early :-D Or, more likely, it was because it was a home computer test (on a ZX Spectrum, for the grey hairs out there) and the test was therefore not reliable. Something like this one is likely to be as good as it gets.


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renaye on :

wah. why no one foorprinted this post?!

i will try to volunteer since i don't want to pay 45 to MENSA to sit the IQ test. :-D

kruel74 on :

I am too afraid to know my IQ as I might find out what I have been suspecting all along. I am not that smart. And maybe even be dumb...

julian on :

renaye - 'foorprinted'? Try it out, I reckon it's worth it :-)

kruel74 - hehe - but it is *confidential*, so your secret would be safe :-)

RK Boo on :

Aww...don't worry too much about your IQ. When I was in college, I thought you were just about the most intelligent man in the world. :-D Honest!

julian on :

I'm sure you know better now :-) But thanks anyway!

Doris on :

Test your IQ here: Good luck! ;-)

julian on :

I am such a sucker, and you are bloody annoying.

I spent like 20 minutes on that effing thing and then it asked me for 7USD. There was no warning anywhere.

I hope your stupid system ends up with you being scammed and your Paypal account being hijiacked by Nigerian fraudsters >:[

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