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Fishball Lunch

I go periodically to the SEA Park area, and I find it is full of good eating spots.

One that I like is the Tang House Of Fishball

It has a cool (as in low temperature) atmosphere, with marble topped chairs and stools, and a menu with various classical Chinese (or Teo Chew, I suppose) dishes

One of which is the 'Celery noodles', of which I ordered the 'dry' version (i.e. with the soup on the side) - cost about RM6

The noodles are green, cooked nicely al dente, with a sprinkling of pork mince and fried fish cake. Very nice. Though I was a bit disappointed as the fish balls were not stuffed, and I'm sure they were the last time I got the dish!

Anyway, I would recommend the place for anyone wanting a light lunch. They also have some nice looking 'ais potong' and various desserts.

12 & 14, Jln. 21/19
SEA Park
Tel: 03-7876 5461

(P.S: As an attempt in 'speed blogging', 20 minutes for this post has failed miserably against sixthseal's three minutes!)


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kennhyn on :

Celery is my favourite vege, but celery noodle... never taste it... should try!

Superman on :

Oh! I love fishballs! Especially those can play ping pong! :-)

julian on :

kennhyn - Do try, it is a chain and there are other branches around.

Superman - I prefer those in a bowl of noodles, but to everyone their own ;p

renaye on :

being kiasu, i order second bowl of noodle because it's free. :-D

julian on :

I didn't know that! Can tapau also? :-P

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