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Media & Texts (Culture) - Student information page

Hello everybody, I'll be putting relevant links and some things to download on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: As of today (19 March 2012) I have moved to the university WebCT website for all the course materials. Please go there for the latest lecture notes, etc.
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Please leave a comment below if you would like to ask a question, discuss anything, recommend any additions to this page, or suggestions for the class - feel free to remain anonymous if you like, but be sensible please.

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• Module outline: F50FC8 Module Outline

• Lecture 1: Introduction to media & culture
• Lecture 2: Textual analysis: analysing media texts
• Lecture 2: High and low cultures: mass media and the culture industry

Tutorial material
Tutorial Ground Rules
Draft Proposal Format

Some resources for essay writing
JCU Study Skills Online

• Google Study Tips for Students:
OK - BEFORE you click on this link remember that Google is not the only way to get information. The best way is to check the suggested readings, look for the most recent relevant journal articles, and follow relevant sources quoted in the books and journals you read.
Now, you can click here for Google's Study Tips for Students :-)

Useful software
Zotero: Citation management software - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! :-)
Endnotes: Nottingham University's citation management software link.
Foxit PDF Reader: read pdfs, highlight text and make notes in the document. NB: When you install it, you do not need to install the extra software/toolbar.
Evernote: useful way to gather notes and ideas, store them online as well as on your computer/iPad/mobile device, and access them anytime.

Other links to various relevant resources
Online full text journals
An anthropological introduction to YouTube: interesting talk, with examples of YouTube practices, by Michael Wesch of Kansas State University
Digital Media across Asia: comprehensive resource for statistics and case studies of Asian digital media
The Frankfurt School: listen to a BBC podcast about the historical context of The Frankfurt School
If you want to download the mp3 file - Right click here and select 'Save As...'