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A room with a view - in Provence

A short one to at least update something! Got loads to do this week… :-|

Here is the trip we did in France - it was great! :-)

Road trip France 2009
(click for the Google Map full version)

The nicest place we stayed in was a ‘Chambres d’Hôtes’ (i.e. a B&B en français) – it was called Un Patio en Luberon.

This was our room - called 'Roussillon'
Ansouis, Un patio en Luberon, Chambre Rousillon

and the view from the window
Ansouis, Un patio en Luberon, Chambre Rousillon

It was named after this village, also called Roussillon
Roussillon, Provence

the name of the village is derived from 'rouge' which means 'red' in French, and it is famous for the ochre that is mined there and which colours the buildings

More to come, brief snippets only.

Beers!! Delicious! Enticing! Belgian!

Been travelling for over a week now, and this is the first chance I got to do some updates. It will be quick, and about BEER!!

One of my goals back here is to try as many different beers as I can :-) I didn't take photos of them all, but here are a couple from the UK (OK one is a cider I know :-P)
English beer cider

I found out that Cornish beers/ales are generally pretty nice and smooth. Also, because the weather is kind of cold, warmer ales are much nicer than a cold lager!

Arriving in Belgium, we stopped at the first petrol station for some food, and here was the choice of beers (aaahhhhhh....)
Belgian motorway choice of beers

I have to say, I wonder about the wisdom of serving beers in a motorway cafe, but I was not complaining :-P

We had a 'Blanche' and a 'Kriek'
Kriek Belle-Vue and Hoegaarden Blanche with glasses

'Kriek' is cherry beer, usually the best type of fruit beer - refreshing tartiness. Note also that each has its own special type of glass.

Next day, to the supermarket - here are the shelves packed full! (and some more were around the corner of the aisle)
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