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YouTube buffers but doesn't play and has no sound

I've been enjoying watching Tina Fey parody Sarah Palin recently, but I keep having a problem recently where YouTube (or other similar streaming videos) is not working - it starts OK, then stops after a couple of seconds but continues buffering. It goes on to buffer the whole video, but will not play and there is no sound.

It was happening in both Opera and Firefox, and would sometimes resolve itself if I closed and opened the browser again.

Anyway, if you've been having a similar problem, the solution that worked for me is to download the new beta Flash Player 10. Make sure you follow the instructions and uninstall version 9 first.

I got the answer from the Firefox Support Forum.

**Update 11 October 08** OK, this solution may have a problem - now Flash in Firefox is not working (but Opera is fine). I get this message "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player."
However, it may be something unrelated, as others are having the same problem too...

Googlocalisation - Google, globalisation and localisation

You've all heard of 'globalisation' and 'localisation', and you've probably also heard of 'glocalisation'. It seems to have become something of a buzzword over the last couple of years, and used with abandon by politicians wishing to sound as if they are part of the paradigm shift that goes forward by synergising the global knowledge economy and the local cultural knowledge base in a win-win situation. It's an open door proactive repositioning of the e-, i- and bs-economy in a performance-based total quality management that vectors a short and long-term reward-oriented mindset.

OK, enough of the BS ;-) Actually, the first time I heard of 'glocalisation' was in a very good book by Miller & Slater - The Ethnography of the Internet - back in 2000. They were one of the first to argue convincingly against the 'virtual' vs. 'real' world ideas that were all the rage at the time - they refused to "treat the Internet independently of its embeddedness" (2000:8), and demonstrated how people in Trinidad used the internet in ways that related directly to their Trini culture. It's a good book, but I did think that sometimes they over-emphasised the local thing without acknowledging the international influences that were carried by the internet too.

So what the #@*! is Googlocalisation? Well, I just made that up for the title, but it's because I noticed that I get different results in Google in the two browsers I use - one has the cookies for Google enabled, and the other one doesn't; this means that on one I get the results from, and the other returns results from

I've done some screenshots, but I don't think you'll be able to read them properly. Out of the first ten results (searching 'tropical gardening', for my new blog, only three are the same:

• First on the 'international' (American?) Google site, third on the Malaysian site: Tropical Plants - GardenWeb
• Fourth on the 'international' Google site, ninth on the Malaysian site: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden
• Eighth on the 'international' Google site, tenth on the Malaysian site: Tropical Punch - Gardening with Tropical Plants
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