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Kuching Kooking

We ate at a food court place in Carpenter Street (where I the shop signs are). A very nice seafood porridge (just as I like it, with a tasty soup and non-mushy rice), and some kuey chap - which is a local speciality

The kuey chap is mix of various fried bits of pork in a slightly sourish thin brown sauce. To be honest, I didn't really like it a lot, but the spouse did.

And of course, it was accompanied by some cheap Kuching beer - a large bottle of Tsing Tao for RM7! Beer is very cheap everywhere here (e.g. RM3.80 for a can of Tiger in the supermarket) - I think it has something to do with Labuan, and 'closing one eye' ;-)

**Forgot to say - we're off to Bako until Sunday, will update after that**