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Kats in Kuching

For those who don't know, 'kuching' means 'cat' in BM

This is a statue in the centre (? I haven't really worked out where the 'centre' of Kuching is yet - it seems to sprawl along either side of a large river, with large buildings sprouting up amongst scattered low housing).

I can't help noticing how the human patriarchal family structure has been reproduced in the statue. Note the female cat gazing adoringly at the tomcat who stands proudly over his brood: in real life he's off as soon as he's delivered his dose of feline goo!

Here's the same at night

I took it after interviewing my second A-list blogger - very interesting interview, quite long (thanks again! :-) ). It's really confirmed how important these interviews are for my research - there's so much information I could never get myself, unless I worked for years to become a top blogger.

OK, gotta rush and get back to the conference - there are a number of papers on blogs today, I'll try to report back the gist of them.