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Google has bought Yahoo!

Naaa… not really, don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

Though some things make sense ;-)

Hehe – try it out for yourself: go to Pimp My Search and check it out :-)

(By the way I found out about this from another blog, but I forget which one… thanks, whoever you are!)

Batman haiku

Well, I tried out Suanie's Batman haiku contest, but wasn't good enough apparently > hmpf < :-P

Well, I wasn't surprised really, as it's kind of obscure I think (my haiku that is).

Anyway, the contest was to do a haiku (poem with three lines - five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables) on anything to do with Batman. So after racking my brains for hours and hours (minus a few hours), and with the fame-multiplier effect of Heath Ledger's death in mind, I came up with this:

The dark night returns
And brings a joke or, is it?
A metaphor, think.

What do you think?


On another note, it seems that the 'Heath Ledger Online Community' haven't given up on him yet! They still have a "Contact Heath" link with some addresses, and say
If you have gotten a reply, or if the address you used does not work (i.e. your package is returned to you as "return to sender") please let us know (

Maybe they know something we don't? A sequel perhaps?

Lucky the Escapologist, and the gastronomic delights of street food

I’m still writing up about the All-Blogs 100 Days’ event last Saturday, but here’s something else in the meantime.

I got back from the event about 3am, slightly inebriated and content with an interesting and fun evening. But, right where I usually park, I saw this…

I guess you can call it a ‘present’ from my escapologist dog, Lucky

She does this occasionally, finding some ‘nasi bungkus’ and bringing it home. It doesn’t endear us to our neighbours… though I guess it’s a good thing she brings it back, rather than making a mess elsewhere. So, I have to pick it all up, and in the process get an unappetising peek into my neighbours’ culinary and sanitary practices.

So why do we let her get out, you ask? Well we tried stopping her – take a look at ‘Alcatraz’ (as my wife has taken to calling our house, after we put barbed wire up

We put extra fencing, poles and barbed wire, all to stop her getting out. As you can see – she has broken through the fencing (multiple times), climbed over the top, and apparently on occasion has also climbed back in over the back wall and fence. She is truly the Houdini of the canine world!

(this is an older photo, she broke that collar too – into three pieces somehow, when we had chained her up once)