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Jungle flowers

I took some photos of flowers and plants during our trip to Gunung Stong, intending to identify them with their Latin names and all that, but it turns out my book "Plants for Tropical Landscapes" really only focuses on plants for gardens, so I'll just tell you what I managed to pick up about the plants.

There are a number of wild ginger varieties there (the Zingiberaceae family). This is the flower of one - it grows on the ground, and as you can see it captures water in its cupped petals

I was surprised that ginger plants actually grow long stems kind of like bamboo - I guess because I only ever see the root, I never thought about what happens above ground. These next two are ginger too - I think.

This is a palm that is particular to the Gunung Stong area

and this is a Pandanus of some kind, lots of them there
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