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Adsense at last!

Woohoo! I finally got round to installing Adsense ads :-)

OK, my noobness is glaringly obvious, but I’m interested to see how it does.

I’ve shifted the Nuffnang ad to a banner at the top, which is recommended as one of the best placements for ads, and the Adsense is on the top right.
There are various eye-tracking studies out there which confirm this - such as this one which shows the gaze going top left to right, down then up left and down again:

This one shows more concentration on the left side:

I may consider moving the sidebar to the left eventually, but we’ll see…

In any case, I have still to get one single ad from Nuffnang, which is a bit disappointing as I have achieved their minimum of 20 unique visitors for a while. I’ve averaged about 550 per week for the last month according to their stats, of which 26% are from Malaysia which makes… hmm… 20.4 Malaysians per day on average. Oh well, maybe it is too little after all…