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New search engine – is Cuil cool?

There’s a new search site that claims to be better than Google because

The technology it uses to index the web can understand the context surrounding each page and the concepts driving search requests (BBC)

It’s founded by some ex-Google engineers, so I thought I’d check it out. They say
Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft.

Rather than rely on superficial popularity metrics, Cuil searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance. When we find a page with your keywords, we stay on that page and analyze the rest of its content, its concepts, their inter-relationships and the page’s coherency. (Cuil)

One thing not ‘cuil’ (it’s pronounced ‘cool’ apparently) about it, is that my name doesn’t come up first! I’m quite sure how, but I am first on Google, which is rather nice.

OK, but that’s a rather biased test, I have to agree that I’m not the most important ‘Julian Hopkins’ around… on the other hand, why does this result, where there are unconnected ‘Julian’ and ‘Hopkins’ in it come up before me?

I came across this though, someone referring to something I wrote in an email list in 2000! Another reminder that ‘the internet does not forget!’ Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your parents, (future) employers, or even your children to read!

On page 8, some links to the Air-l list which I have contributed to.… At page 10 I stopped looking, the last one did not even have ‘julian’ in it …

It seems a bit slower than Google (not good). Although the pages don’t seem to have as much info on them, they do – returning 10 results per page which is the same as Google. Cuil has little pictures which are not necessary, if you ask me. Here's a screen shot for a search for "Malaysia Today". It comes up with RPK as you'd expect with Google, but a problem here is that 6 out 10 results are from the same website - not very useful...
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Blogrolls and indecisive reciprocity

OK, I’ve decided to announce when I am adding links to my Blogroll. I decided early on just to include links to blogs and websites relevant to my research, anthropology and internet research in general, but recently I’ve been wondering about that, as it means I’m not doing what most bloggers do, ‘spreading the link love’ – i.e. exchanging reciprocal links. The thing is, I don’t want to link to some and not to others, and seeing as I look at a whole range of blogs – not just those I would read regularly – I don’t know which to choose to link to or not… On the other hand, I’m feeling guilty about not linking back to those who have linked to me…

I haven’t made up my mind on that one yet, but what I’d like to do is set up a link list of all the blogs I have collated in my database (about 250 so far), but for that I’d need some automated process linking a static page to a database, which I don’t know how to do…

Anyway, here are the recent links:

Susan C. Herring's Publications
Susan Herring has done lots of pioneering research into blogs, and I came across this page recently. It has a list of all her work, and most of them are available for download – even some scanned book chapters.

Native Anthropologist
A “Nigerian PhD candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology” Nigerian (I think) anthropologist, doing research on second hand clothing trade networks between Benin and Nigeria; I think we could have some interests in common, seeing as we’re looking at economic/market issues.

Cicilie among the Parisians
“A blog from Cicilie Fagerlid's fieldwork research on poetry, anger and cosmopolitanism in Paris” – urban anthropology I guess, she is a Norwegian anthropologist.

Blog Analysis Toolkit
I have yet to test this properly, but it comes from the same people who developed the handy online Coding Analysis Toolkit - an online, free, application to do content analysis coding. It can work with Atlas.ti files, or you can do your own coding from raw data.

The Impoverished Social Scientist's Guide to Free Statistical Software and Resources
A useful resource – as the title says.

Blackstone's World With
A lecturer at the Center for English Language Communication (CELC) – National University of Singapore. Using his blog as part of his teaching.

Oh, and by the way, nothing to do with research, but Congratulations! to Mei Chern. She has now released her second album and is going to play at a festival in the US! Tahniah! :-D Listen to her!

Google has bought Yahoo!

Naaa… not really, don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

Though some things make sense ;-)

Hehe – try it out for yourself: go to Pimp My Search and check it out :-)

(By the way I found out about this from another blog, but I forget which one… thanks, whoever you are!)

Blogwars – Authenticity and Value in the Blogosphere

**Sticky post – scroll down for the latest post**

Just a short one to announce that I’ll be giving a short seminar talk on some of my research on blogs next week, on Tuesday 29 July from 12-13.00. The title is: “Blogwars – Authenticity and Value in the Blogosphere”: it’s a case study of a blogwar centred around a hateblog, and I’m trying to say something useful about the way in which both commenters and bloggers together ‘make’ a blog.

It’s at Monash University Sunway (it’s the new campus, close to Sunway University College).
Details here; Location map here; Facebook event here.

Please do come along if you’re interested :-)

Indiana Julian and the Temple of Earth

In American academic tradition, archaeology falls under the general discipline of anthropology. So, since Indiana Jones is American, and I taught in the American Degree Program, that kind of makes him and me colleagues!

See the resemblance? No? Try squinting hard, even closing your eyes!

OK, maybe he’s a bit more ‘athletic’ than I am… But I also went on a quest, braving danger and near death, just to look for answers to impending environmental disasters :-O

Crawling through caves…

almost drowning in hidden water traps…

and then, when the summer equinox sun shone at 12pm through the hidden grove...
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Testing - Flog Blog

I've been told that I can use the Flog Blog application in Facebook to have my blog appear there too... Here goes for a test of the automatic ping...

**Update 17/7/08**
OK, that seems to work, but it's not exactly what I wanted. My newsfeed says I've done a new post, but you can see it unless you click on it...
There used to be an application called 'Blog Friends' that would show the whole post. Unfortunately, that closed down in March - an explanation by the developers here.

**Update 17/7/08 AGAIN**
Ah, it does display in the profile, it was just hidden down below... will have to check if it does pictures, etc.