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Sunrise at Jelawang Waterfall, Kelantan

I went on a nice hiking trip last week, to Jelawang Falls (aka Stong Falls) in the Gunung Stong State Park (GSSP) in Kelantan . It’s said to be the highest waterfall in SE Asia (apprx. 300m). In any case, there is an amazing view from the top, and we got to see a wonderful sunrise on the second morning – here’s a short film I put together (length 1:20)

When I got back and was looking at the photos I noticed that for a while the sun seemed to be sitting in a cup made of light or something (can’t find a good way to describe it…)

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A day in the life of an anthroblogologist

Well, a morning rather. What I try to do every morning is add some blogs to my database. I made it using FileMaker Pro, which is relatively easy to use I find, and basically I try to collect information that I’m able to find from the blog itself, to which I occasionally may add information I know from other sources. The point is to gather ‘demographic’ information about all these ‘inhabitants’ of the Malaysian blogosphere: what kind of blog they have, what ads they have, which groups they’re part of, age, occupation, gender, etc.

What I also do is note down specific posts that I find important as examples of types of behaviour, like the other day I noticed someone talking about how they’d been blogging for three months but made less than a dollar (which is more than I have :/ ), and there were some comments with advice and so on. A good example of people sharing practices and therefore building common practices and ‘socialities’ as John Postill might say.
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Say it like it is

I think that the appointment of local councillors is a very important part of the new state governments’ programme. By doing it effectively – appointing local people who are active in the community and ready to work transparently and engaging with the residents of the area – local democratic practices can be built, strengthening inter-ethnic ties and improving people’s quality of life.

So far, I’m not super-impressed to be honest, though I’m not following it very closely. MP Tony Pua says something about it.

Anyway, it’s funny to see “Former Subang Jaya assemblyperson Lee Hwa Beng” (I assume MCA) trying to criticise the PR Selangor government, but at the same time shooting himself in the foot:
“They are like us - putting our cronies and supporters into local councils. They are doing the same thing which they have criticised us for before” (Khir: Some councillors 'not locals' [needs subscription], my emphasis)

Well. At least he’s admitting it I suppose :-P

OK, I was going to try to do a list of Selangor government politicians’ blogs, but it’s not as straightforward as I thought, and I’m not feeling well today (slight fever and cold…).

SoPo Sentral has a list of Political Parties & Politicians - but it could do with being updated and expanded.

And here a few more:
elizabeth wong: she hasn’t updated her profile and I can’t remember exactly what she is, I think both assemblyperson and MP for PKR.
Tan Seng Giaw: DAP MP for Kepong

Screenshots: Jeff Ooi - DAP MP in Penang

I must say, it seems that politician-bloggers such as Jeff Ooi and Elizabeth Wong have been doing a lot less blogging since they got elected. It doesn’t surprise me, as I’m sure they’re very busy – and there may also be some concern about having a common voice for their party, but all the same, a blog is a very good way of keeping interested constituents up to date…

**Update 22/06**
A correction to the above: Jeff Ooi has been keeping his blog up to date, but I am surprised to see that Eli Wong, and Tian Chua have not updated their profiles to say they are now MPs.

Not Your Average Super Hero

Spiderman slammed for littering!
Sticky webs hanging from buildings cause major cleanup hassles for NY City Department

Ever wondered what happened to the trails of gluey arachnid goo the webbed one leaves in his ‘Friendly Neighbourhood’?

Doris Wydedopolas is an angry lady after finding her laundry covered in sticky spider web – courtesy of the masked crime fighter. “Well he can fly around all he wants, but is he going to pay for the dry-cleaning? I can’t remove this stuff from my Sunday dress!” Brandishing her spoiled polka dot dress, she showed our reporter her back yard where the clothes were hanging – strings of sticky goo had stuck her voluminous drawers together and was collecting flies. “With all the modern technology nowadays, why can’t he just use something that doesn’t stick?” her husband complained.

Aaron Giveadamovitz has also lodged a complaint after he found his cat dangling off the window ledge. “She must have been scared by the spinning Spider antics, and got caught in his web”, he said tearfully, “Sheeba is my life, I don’t know what I’d do without her. He’s a menace to all pet lovers in the city!” The NY Fire Department is also planning to charge the webbed avenger for the cost of retrieving the mewing moggy from the twentieth floor window.

No so ‘Friendly Neighbourhood’ after all!
After knocking on a few doors, our reporter found that it’s not such a ‘Friendly Neighourhood’ after all. A neighbour who declined to give his name, said “We don’t want those foreign people dressed in gay outfits! It threatens family values and takes our jobs. You tell them Joe Rougegorge said that!”. Another neighbour, a young student who was sleeping late, was the only one to voice support for the two-legged arachnoid – “Superheroes are always getting the bad end of the stick,” Peter Parker said, “everyone expects them to be perfect but they’re just ordinary people too you know!”

We tried to reach Spiderman for comment, but he was not available, however the City Department says that they will try to use more unconventional methods to contact him. It’s thought they may have approached Hancock as a consultant, but he's reported to have said that he had a party to go to.


Pictures from here .

Our Shrek Dogs

Well, I know I’m too late for the Wild Live Blogging, but I couldn’t come up with any ideas before and I’ve been busy. But last night we had some fun with our dogs :-)

At the AMBP Smashin’ Gathering we were given Shrek headbands (to be worn with caution though – thanks synical). So we thought it would be fun to see our dogs with them on. But it was more difficult than we thought…

First Lucky refused…

Then after some pleading and persuasion…
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