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An anthropologist in pyjamas...

Well, after making a spectacle of myself online , I got another chance to do it offline at the Borneo Baruk Club for Nuffnang’s birthday party :-) I turned up in my M&S pyjamas, accompanied by Eeyore (lucky for you, no photos this time).

The venue is nice

and the beer was free! So I was looking forward to a nice evening, though I was also there to ‘be an anthropologist’, which is something I have still to work out what exactly that is… I had my new Monash name cards to hand out, my camera and mp3 player/recorder just in case.

After checking out the locale, I spotted someone I recognised from numerous blog posts – Suanie. I introduced myself, and she turns out to be a nice young lady. She also introduced me to some other veteran bloggers who were there, enjoying Kilkenny at the bar: Fireangel (who wrote one of my favourite blog posts); Wingz – who showed true dedication by blogging from the party itself ; Kidchan (I realised after that I forgot to give my card to him – Sorry!) and Optimus Prime, who prefers to remain anonymous. Somehow I managed to not get a picture with Suanie.

Wingz, Kidchan, Fireangel

Fireangel, Optimus Prime

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