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Participant advertising

Well, I'm moderately excited as I have just started an important part of my research - trying to make money $$$$ :-D

No seriously, if you look to the right you'll see a banner ad - it's from Nuffnang, a Malaysian company who place ads on blogs (the side panel is now a bit messy, I have to work out a way to move the other html nuggets to the bottom...)

Advertising is one of the main means of making money from blogging, so I have to try it too. This blog, apart from being my blog, is also my online participation in the blogosphere - participant observation being the key method of social anthropology.

What's also very interesting is that Nuffang make considerable efforts to engage with Malaysian bloggers by organising social gatherings and the like - for example one coming up is their First Anniversary Pajama Party, which I am going to try to go to :-)

So... I now have an excuse to blog, and I am not procrastinating, but researching :-D