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Hello and welcome to my first post on this blog :-)

If you are from HELP, welcome and thanks for dropping by - nothing's really ready here yet, and not everything is working properly yet.

However, I will soon start posting material related to my research (on the commercialisation of blogs) and assorted interests such as gardening, current affairs, etc.

You can contact me with this email: j AT julianhopkins DOT net

Best wishes to everyone!


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Mi Ki on :

Mr Julian!! =)
I heard from Lynn that you were leaving, send a wave of panic through me because i was planning on visiting you when i go back to M'sia in July from the US! Glad to hear from you!! I hope everything is going well and congratulations on your PhD endeavour! =) Send my regards to Tze Yeng! :-)

I'll definitely contact you guys when i'm back!! Take care!!


julian on :

Hi MiKi,

I'll still be in Malaysia for a while yet :-) Hope all is well in US, and see you when you get back.

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