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The Part-time Blogger

The great majority of bloggers are 'amateurs', or perhaps 'part-timers' is a better way to put it. They blog in their spare time: students have more time to do this of course, but at the moment the leading bloggers in the Malaysian blogosphere are working adults - typically working in an office in some kind of executive/managerial position. To be noted however is that many of them started blogs when they were students.

Few are those like liewCF who "made the jump from hobby blogging to blogging as a full-time, successful career." (here): as such, he is the epitome of the 'problogger', i.e. a professional blogger. Another leading figure in the Malaysian problogging scene is 5xmom who manages to combine the full-time job of parenting with maintaining five different blogs.

In a sense, I am also a 'problogger' - or fulltime blogger - in that my work at the moment revolves all around blogging - but at the same time that's not all I do. I have to read blogs, write blog posts, and keep up to date with developments in the blogosphere, while at the same time managing the collection of data and trying to put it all into an academic context.

One thing I have noticed recently is that some bloggers will be up and blogging early in the morning: I try to start about 6.30-7am, and I notice that some other bloggers are also 'out and about' at that time. So, my guess is that the part-time blogger will do something like this: get up early to write a post and check out other blogs (using Google reader, for example), leaving comments when desired; go to the office and keep a track of comments using either the office computer or a handphone/mobile device; maybe dash off a quick post during the day if time and work permits; in the evening, perhaps some event beckons - a product launch, dinner with friends/bloggers, etc; after that, go home and download photos - blog if time permits; go to bed.

So - a warning to all - if you think it's easy to blog, make money, become famous and get invited to events with free booze and delectable eye-candy, think again!

How about you? How do you fit your blogging into your daily life?


anthroblogia on : Blogging and constitutive practices

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I use the term 'constitutive practice' quite often, but I'm not sure where I got it from - it sounds very Bourdieu-like though. Basically, what I mean by it is that some things we do have a tendency to promote regular practices that in turn shape the '


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Sheng Loong on :

Hi Julian,

It is never easy to become a professional blogger and earn full time income from blogging. It really needs efforts, discipline and persistence. ProBlogger like John Chow took 8 months to start earning from blog. I believe most people who wish to make money from blog cannot persist for even 8 weeks. To me, the key thing is to have passion in what you are blogging.

Sheng Loong.

kruel74 on :

I blog everday since October 2008 on my 2 blogs and I do it when I have free time properly like on Saturday where I will scheduled my posts for 2,3 days but like last week when I was on the road for 6 days, I scheduled it for the whole time. Then I look for a cyber cafe to aggregate, which I do normally every morning between 7-8am before going to work. I don't think I ever be a problogger as I just love my real life work too much. But I am investing in a website relevant to my work though (a different thing altogether)

julian on :

Sheng Loong - Makes sense to me; I have read John Chow's blog too, and he works hard at it! BTW - your homepage link is not working.

kruel74 - That takes some planning! I have noticed that the 'timed release' method is quite common, helping bloggers manage their time better.

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