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Dancing God of Prosperity!

We're off to Pontian for the Chinese New Year, so I'll be mostly offline for three-four days (strange feeling...)

Here's wishing Gong Xi Fa Cai! to all who celebrate CNY, Happy Holidays to those who don't - and to those who don't get holidays for Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, Buddhist AND Christian festivals ... Come to live in Malaysia :-D

Diggin' the Dancing God of Prosperity :-)

Wishing everyone Prosperity, Happiness, and Success in the Year of the Ox! :-D


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eugene on :

Happy Niu (ox) Year!

Going to Pontian, what a refreshing change... a break from the usual waiting on and serving people! Have fun!

bwt, hope your com is ok now...

julian on :

Hi and Happy Niu Year to you too :-)

Computer is fine now, it was a problem with ZoneAlarm it seems...

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