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Chinese virus? Please help :'(

Hello you all out there, I was wondering if someone can help me?

I've been having a problem with my browsers for a few weeks now, and suspect there's an effing spyware or trojan in there somewhere >:[

I spotted this in the startup folder;
File Name: ??????????????e
Startup Value: ??????????????e
File Path: ??????????????e
Startup Type: Registry: Current User
Location: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
Classification: Disabled
SpyNet Voting: Not Available

And in case the characters are not showing up in your browser, here's a screenshot

It's disabled now, but I'd really like to know what it is. I tried Googling - but although people have also had it, nobody has said what it is...

Can anyone translate the characters for me? Please??


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hidayat on :

go to run
type regedit
go to software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run

find the perpetrator filename and remove it

restart the pc, press ctrl-shift-esc and find if the file is still running at processes

run a full anti-virus scan and run a program called SpyBot: Search & Destroy

Next time, I suggest you run Nod32 SystemWorks as your antivirus and anti malware

julian on :

Thanks, I checked the registry and the file is no longer there; I don't think it's running at startup. But I wonder what it is, it looks very suspicious...

Su-Lyn on :

Hope the virus disappears. :S Btw, I've just created a new blog. Click on It's my new political/social commentary blog, which I hope to update regularly (hopefully..everyday). Haha. Do add it to your blog roll list!

Harmony on :

Even if i know chinese,i dunno what the title means... I guess its just a name that's not impt.

eugene on :

Oh dear, hope everything turns up alright in the end... Take care

julian on :

Su-Lyn - is done and hope it goes well!

Harmony - Thanks :-) I wonder what it sounds like tho?

eugene - Thanks, seems to be OK now anyway >touching wood

Rain on :

Now I have a chinese-like virus. It has a penguin for an icon and the characters keep changing. I have tries spybot, mbam and Super Antispyware, all run individualy and in different modes. Nothing touches it.

So far, it has disabled the task manager, and the One note notebook. I am lost to what to do. A little help?

julian on :

Sorry I can't help you there. Why do you say 'Chinese-like'? Are there Chinese characters? If so, try googling them.

You don't mention running a usual antivirus, I assume you have? If not you can try AVG.

Try running the antispyware etc. in safe mode...

You sound like you need the help of a forum such as - try it out.

Good luck :-)

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