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Who wants to live forever?

Highlander is a great movie. Apart from the action and stuff, what I liked most about it was the historical aspect (because I'm boring that way)

The portrayal of life in a medieval Scottish village was authentically dirty and brutal I found (though Christophe Lambert's 'Scottish' accent never convinced me...)

Anyway, as nicolekiss was ruminating, I also sometimes wish I could 'live forever'. I would so love to see the future - to see all the amazing changes that will happen. I guess my love for travelling and anthropology comes from the same impulse - I just want to see the whole world and experience all the different things there are... I used to think that if I had one wish, I would wish to be able to speak all languages and to be able to change my appearance to be like any racial group in the world - though sometimes I wonder if that isn't just an impulse to escape from myself...

On the other hand, you may end up looking like this!

'The Rise of the Lycans starts Jan 09'

Check out Nuffnang if you want to see it!


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3point8 on :

I don't mind looking that way. As long as I can proudly mock anyone with:
"Ha! See, I told you so. Immortality is possible. !"

renaye on :

err.. i think u can be immortalised through books, articles, history and such... :-D

RK Boo on :

Annoying, isn't it? Being stuck in one small body? I get that feeling occasionally and sometimes think that I'm too big to be trapped in one body. Haha.

julian on :

3point8 - I guess that would have its advantages :-)

renaye - or maybe even a blog, eh?

RK Boo - Solution: eat more! ;-)

eugene on :

Hahaha.... This is one funny post. :-)

Anyway, how's your browser doing?

julian on :

Not sure yet about the browser... seems that it might have been my firewall causing problems...

John on :

There's another way to Live Forever:

julian on :

Thanks, but I'll pass on that one :-)

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