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Blog name change

As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the name of my blog from the boring old ‘’.

‘anthroblogia’ is meant to combine ‘anthropo’ (as in man/humans), blogs, and -logia (as in ‘the study of’); this is what my goal is, basically, to study how people and blogs interact.

Obviously, it also is meant to evoke ‘anthropology’, and also perhaps to evoke a sense of a place, as in ‘Elbonia’ (or wherever).

I also had a logo planned for my blog when I first started it, it looks like this

Any idea what it’s meant to be? … OK, I’ll tell you - it’s ‘anthropology’ spelt in binary, i.e. ‘digital anthropology’ :-) This was my first idea of a blog title, but I found that digital anthropology as a term is already ‘taken’ – it seems to be more about using digital resources for anthropology rather than looking at the anthropology of digital technology.

I’ve put the logo in as my ‘favicon’, thanks to useful instructions from maro^gal.

The impetus for changing the blog name came from two sources, really. First of all there was a blog post (which I lost the link to, sorry – it’s a Malaysian blog) which was talking about how to do a good blog, and the blogger said that people who had their own name as the title of their blog were unimaginative losers (or something like that). Well, the unimaginative part certainly struck a chord with me, and I started to wonder what I could change the name to. Initially, I had decided upon the name with the idea that blogs are extensions of a person’s offline self online, so calling it by my name made sense – a way of saying ‘This is me online’.

The other thing was that this blog was included in a list of the Top 100 Anthropology Blogs; well, I was chuffed, though there are legitimate doubts about the list (e.g. “Top 100 Anthropology Blogs”? No, I don’t think so.) – but also what struck me was the title my blog was given, “Julian Hopkins”. Perfectly fair way to call it but, once again, pretty boring and – more importantly – it really gives no idea at all what the blog is about.

One possible consequence is that I may lose my first place in Google searches for ‘Julian Hopkins’: I’m not too bothered about that, except that it’s a useful way to tell people how to find my blog and, although I didn’t do any fancy SEO to make it happen, it can make me look very internet-knowledgeable which can help my credibility on occasion. Overall, I’d prefer to be first place for searches for ‘blog anthropology’, for example, but that would take more work…

So, here you are, welcome to the reinvented, rebranded, improved and laboratory tested



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