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Debates and a puppy

Well today at the debate competition was fun and somewhat adrenalin-inducing; for a first time debater (me at least) I guess we did alright – 3rd in one, 4th (i.e. last) in the second, and 2nd in the third. Though overall that got us only three points out of a possible nine, so we’re going to have to do significantly better in the last two rounds tomorrow if we want to make it through to the quarter-finals!

Anyway, something more important in the bigger scale of things happened this morning though: Gambit (one of our dogs) was making a terrible racket through the night and when I looked out I noticed there was a dog hanging around the house. In the morning, however, I heard a high-pitched howling coming from the drain – sure enough, when I checked there was a small puppy stuck in the drain, my guess is that her mother was hanging around at night wondering what to do, and eventually left.

She (the puppy with no name) was looking miserable, but was plucky enough to snarl at me and take off in the other direction when I tried to pick her up; so I went and got WW, we did a pincer movement and I grabbed her by the neck and pitched her out. Once she realised we did not want to hurt her, she let us stroke her and we dried her a bit (she was trembling all over), left her wrapped in an old towel with a couple of biscuits at the foot of a tree. I was hoping her mother would come back.

However, twenty minutes later I heard her piercing yelping again and our two dogs were up against the fence whining and yapping. I feared the worse and, sure enough, she had got up and got knocked over by a car! :-(

When we got there a guy on a motorbike had stopped to move her off the road - the poor thing had blood coming out of her nose, and couldn’t stand up. What to do… well, WW was in tears and decided to take her to the vet

and there she was this evening; a broken leg and concussion, malnourished but otherwise the vet was optimistic

The thing is – she needs a home! We can’t keep her, and can only keep her at the vet’s for a couple of days. If we can’t find a home for her, we’ll probably have to put her down…

Do you want to give her a home? Or know anyone who does? She’s 6-8 weeks old and seemed to a pretty smart little thing

Can you resist this cuteness?

Obligatory small print:
Remember a pet is a commitment for (their) life. Puppylike cuteness is not guaranteed to last, but unconditional love, affection, and devoted companionship is.


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Jason-L on :

Pity little puppy ! Hope to recover soon

julian on :

I think she'll be fine, but I'm more worried about finding a place for her to stay...

Li on :

Hi Julian. Poor sweet thing.. unfortunately I can't take on another dog, but if you really can't find anyone I know a dog rescuer who may be able to help, not sure how full her plate is right now though.

julian on :

Thanks, I'll email you OK?
The latest is that she is ready to be discharged from the vet, but because of the broken leg she'll have to be kept in a cage for 6-8 weeks so that it heals properly; also she will have to go to the vet a few times to get the healing process checked and the bandage changed.
We have a rabbit cage that may be useful to keep her.

julian on :

Update: well it turns out 'she' was a 'he'! Guess I need to look closer next time :-|

And he has a home now, taken in by some kind people :-)

Lisa on :

good that he has a home now.

I hate to hear all those puppies or dogs unfortunate stuff..

kinda turn my heart mostly i will avoid reading or looking at it :-(

julian on :

Ya so many of them out there...

Dylan - Here on :

what a poor thing! i if had a possibility I would take to my home!)) So much do i like these little and cute things, but it's so plaguy that people cause so much harm to them... how I wishthe world became kinder...

Skye - Reservar Hotel En Madrid on :

Ohhh! Poor thing! living in a can is not a living for a young doggy... It's so nice that at least some people do care about animals occured in such situations, Hope it will be ok soon.

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