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I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Well, this is probably too late – but an opportunity to party with Nuffnang is not to be ignored! 8-)

I’ve been scratching my head to come up with something creative to tell you "why Nokia XpressMusic makes Halloween better", but have failed abysmally… so here is my best (lame) offering.

OK, you didn’t find that scary? Well, it’s a 'concept story board' see? Just like in advertising hehe… OK it’s kind of lame, in fact so lame that I now have to explain everything.

The idea is, since the Nokia XpressMusic is ”Big on sound, small in the pocket”, that you can record scary sounds on it and freak people out at the silent party. Here’s the explanation…

OK. But hopefully Nuffnang will send me an invite… or else… I’ll set Freddy Krueger on them!!!

(just joking ;-))


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Yatz on :

LOL wish u all the best and see you there :-D

TNH on :

Haha..seem you already got the ticket in your pic..then lets hope you really got it in reality

julian on :

Yatz - Thanks and hope so too :-)

TNH - ...hmmm [thinks] ... halloween... wearing mask... fake ticket... hmmm... ;p

Jannah Raffali on :

Hey there, hope you still remember me. We met at the Nuffnang/Apartment's buka puasa event. Me the girl in the green baju kurung?

Anyhow, keep me undated on the mask and fake tickets plan. Just in case my late entry also couldn't make the cut :-)

julian on :

Hi Jannah, I think I do! I updated my post on The Apartment with a link to your one :-) Hope to see you at the Halloween Bash!

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