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Body modification and blog personalisation

Ever since WW got a tattoo, I’ve been wondering whether I should finally get one – having being putting it off for about 20+ years now… One thing I hear about is how – once they start – some people find it hard to stop. I guess that’s a minority, as is usually the case with this kind of thing, but here’s an example of what happens when you take ‘bodymods’ all the way:

Scary eh? More weird and wonderful ones on deputydog’s ”top 10 physically modified people” - take a look, it’s worth it!

On another note: I came across this picture when I saw it in a Malaysian blog. Something about it looked as if it had been copied, and so I did a rapid google and found the original. At least I think it’s the original, because there seem to be lots of very similar, or exactly the same, posts online – if google a phrase like “Whether he’s mad or not, 67yr old tom leppard seems extremely happy living in a hand-built home on the isle” (the first one), there are 12+ results with exactly the same sentence…
The answer may be here, where southernoracle explains that s/he got it from “a daily email list” from a defunct TV channel called TRIO. The post is dated September 2007 – much earlier than the other ones.

Anyway, kudos to southernoracle for being honest and saying “Text is TRIO's, not mine.”

Copying without attribution is one of the cardinal sins of blogging, but a fundamental dilemma of blogging is that one needs to have a regular output to keep a regular audience, but the content is meant to be original and keeping up the creative output can be difficult. There are some automated solutions (taking rss feeds from other blogs, for example), or I have seen services that offer to email you some stuff to blog about every day. The latter is not unlike a wire service for news – e.g. Reuters – and sometimes it’s possible to see the same article, slightly modified, in different newspapers.

To be sure, there is a lot of repetition of content in the global blogosphere, so I guess the question is: how much personalisation, or localisation, is needed for generic material to become original material? Similar, in a way, to the way people seek to make their bodies diverge from the generic human body :-)


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hweicheng on :

Eeeewwww..... I cannot fixate my eyeballs any longer to those photos...I might get a nightmare.... =P

Anyway, I think even though it is pretty common to have a repetition of content in the blogosphere, I would say it is alright if different thoughts and views were delivered in addressing that particular matter....
Just like all those research journals that examined similar topic of interest, but provided different theories and results!

Having said so, I sometimes find it annoying when most bloggers comment on similar issues, and this include advertisements and movie reviews....


julian on :

You're right, journals and academia also have similarities with blogs/the blogosphere sometimes; citations and links also have similarities in the way they can give certain texts higher credibility.
Interesting what you say about movie reviews - I find that the posts that get the most hits tend to be those that talk about blogmeets, and others post about the same thing too...

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