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Blogwars - my first results!

Woohoo! I finally got this Flash player working (I hope).

Although I've been looking at blogs for more than two years now, I only recently finally completed something tangible. I finally got round to writing this paper which I presented it at the 6th International Malaysian Studies Conference in Kuching last month.

It's called "Blogwars - Authenticity and Value in the Blogosphere", and here is the abstract:

A case study of a 'blogwar' centred on a short-lived 'hateblog' that occurred mostly in the Singaporean blogosphere, with some input from Malaysia. In this case, the renown of the protagonists, and the viciousness of the attack, combined to make the hateblog a 'productive' temporary locus of online discursive activity.

Theoretically, the approach taken shall draw upon Bourdieu's concepts of field, social capital and practice; Bakhtin's concept of dialogics; Appadurai's concept of "commodity candidacy", and discussions of value and authenticity. Miller & Slater, as well as Latour, are important in shaping the ethnographic approach to the internet, rooting online practices in offline contexts.

It is argued that through the posts and comments of those who condemn, support, or merely wish to be entertained by, the blogwar, it is possible to explore the underlying practices and norms of blogging.

Methodologically, the short timeframe enabled the gathering of most - possibly all - related blog posts and comments. These were subjected to content analysis, and the results analysed statistically and with social network analysis tools.

In plain language
There was a blogwar based around an anonymous hateblog in Singapore a couple of years ago. By analysing the connected posts and comments, I concluded that an essential aspect of blogs is the belief that a blog reflects the blogger's true peblogwar malaysia singapore anthropology researchrsonality and beliefs (not necessarily everything, but at least aspects of it), and that if readers don't think that's the case, they will not read that blog.

Frankly, it could be better, and the bit on social network analysis (in the paper, not in the presentation) is very tentative; however, I think I made some good points.

I've recorded a presentation with audio which you can watch here (it's 30 minutes); or, if you prefer to download it and watch it offline, you can do so here (it's a large file, 19.5MB). Or, you can download just the presentation, which is 500KB, here. If you want the full paper, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to hear any feedback and/or criticisms! :-D

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Well I've been kind of busy lately, and finally got round to submitting a paper to a journal (my first one! Wish me luck!) - it's based on the paper on Blogwars and Authenticity that I presented at MSC6 last year. Anyway, I know a lot of people want t


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Costa on :

Pardon my ignorance for I have never written or presented any kind of "papers" in my miserable life, but do all these "papers" need to be written with such intellectually bombastic words that are hardly comprehendable for normal reading or listening that by the end of the 30 minutes, I don't even have the slightest idea, hint or clue relating to what have or had been presented?

julian on :

It was a presentation intended for anthropologists/social scientists, so some of the language and/or concepts require some prior knowledge - though I'm not sure "bombastic" is the right word and I do think most people watching it all will come out with some understanding of what I mean to say.
In any case, thanks for the feedback :-)
Does anyone else find it impossibly obscure?

synical on :

It would be nice if the window of the video had the actual title of the presentation/paper instead of "Created with Camtasia Studio 5".

I don't know if it's just me or what, but your RSS feed seem to be a little wonky - sometimes it shows all the headlines, sometimes it doesn't show the latest one, and sometimes there's none to be shown. (I'm using Firefox's RSS thing)

Just thought you might want to know.

julian on :

OK fixed the tab name, dunno what to do about the feed tho... thanks for telling me. I changed server recently which may be affecting something, maybe try deleting it and setting it up again?

synical on :

I've tried that, too. It works for a while and then it doesn't. Oh well.

PS. Going for the Mamma Mia! screening?

julian on :

Oh well, thanks for telling me, dunno quite what to do about it tho...
Yep - will be. See you there? :-)

hweicheng on :

I personally think that it is absolutely ridiculous that blogwars are kinda common in the Singaporean and Malaysian blogosphere.

I've experienced that and I admit I was the one who stirred things up first. I was just voicing out how I felt about a post posted by a certain someone but was thought to be flaming. And what I dislike about all these blogwars? People do not see things from the rational side, and this includes our local influential bloggers. Yes, they might be brilliant in all ways. But when it comes to blogwars, they tend to support their mates blindly. So focused in protecting their mates, they brushed off the initial argument.

Well, this is merely my opinion based on what had happened to me once. I might be wrong though.

julian on :

I guess there are different reasons - some people say it's about getting more visitors and stuff, others enjoy flaming, and some enjoy the entertainment...

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