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Nuffangers buka puasa at the apartment downtown

Last Saturday Nuffnang was kind enough to invite me to a blogger sharing session at the apartment downtown. It’s in KLCC, right in front of the fountains, and there is a nice view from downstairs (where the restaurant is) and upstairs (where there’s a bar). The design concept is interesting – based on the ‘apartment’ theme, there’s like a living room, bedroom, shower, etc… even the toilet is called the ‘Loo’.

The concept of the menu seems to be ‘east meets west’ – in the buffet they had pasta, lamb, chicken as well as ikan cincalok, kangkong, rendang and other Malaysian specialties. I had the ikan cincalok, pasta, kangkong and bread with a tasty butter (it had sundried tomatoes in it I think) – it was OK, but the pasta was overcooked. For desert I jumped on the apple and pear crumble, along with some kuih – all very nice, and the coffee was good too. Unfortunately free alcohol was not on offer (boo) but the coolers were very refreshing. Their menu is online, if you want to check it out.

After that, we all trooped upstairs to have our semi-formal ‘sharing session’ before the band started. Richard (the manager I think) explained a bit about the restaurant and answered questions from the bloggers – earlier we had talked and he had explained some of the problems of serving western food in Malaysia. For example, people here are used to the food coming very quickly, but it’s not so easy with western food which must be freshly cooked (as opposed to a curry, for example), and which also often takes longer to cook. That’s why you get starters in Europe, but here people like to have everything served together so they can share. So, sometimes people complain when their meal takes longer to arrive... It's true, I've got so used to the speed of service here that when I went back to Europe, I found myself getting impatient easily.

Muzaffar and RedMummy talked about how they started blogging, and also how the month of Ramadan changes their habits – RedMummy ‘only’ posts five times a day during Ramadan, as opposed to eight times a day normally! Muzaffar got his present job, as entertainment journalist with Astro, thanks to his blogging about Akademi Fantasia (mostly).

Then Robb submitted himself to questioning too, and explained various things about why and how blogs get advertisements. It’s the kind of question he gets ten times a day, apparently! From what I could gather, there are four types of ads:
1) Advertorials: these are commissioned specially from blogs with large audiences.
2) CPC: cost-per-click. He pointed out that the average industry CTR (click through rate – i.e. the proportion of visitors who actually click on an ad) is 0.2%. This means on average you need 500 visitors to get one click!
There was also some discussion about fraudulent clicking, and he pointed out that they can tell who is clicking by checking the IP address and stuff.
3) CPM: cost-per-impression – depending on your band (how many visitors you have), you get paid differently.
4) Finally, MCPM: metered-cost-per-impression – I think this is what most people have, because it enables Nuffnang to put ads on blogs with less traffic. There is a limit of impressions per day, and once you have had (for example) 50 impressions (unique visitors), it stops showing the ad. But it may run another ad after that. I’m not sure if it also recognises individual visitors coming back (and shows them a different ad if available).
Anyway, I hope I got that right. If you have any questions – try the FAQ.

There were quite a lot of Malay language bloggers there, which was different to the blogmeets I’ve been at so far. Actually, a serious drawback for my research is that I can’t understand BM well enough to read BM blogs; it means that when I say ‘Malaysian blogosphere’, I really mean ‘English language Malaysian blogosphere’. This also means – mostly – Chinese, educated, urban bloggers.

So, I took the opportunity to ask redmummy and sultanmuzaffar about BM bloggers, and they gave me some interesting insights. One point they both agreed on was that people are less likely to use direct confrontational language – i.e. swear words and the like – but instead, if they to criticise someone, it will be done in a more subtle way – by using a pantun, for example. Over supper, I talked with syd, and she also made some good points – for example that Google Adsense is not likely to work as well for a BM blog, because most of the ads (and related keywords) are in English. Well duh! you might say, but I hadn’t thought of it before :-O. Though I do have a feeling that I saw BM Adsense ads before somewhere… I guess one way of getting around that is just to use a few keywords in English, even if most of the post is in BM.

So, I had a nice time as usual, chatting with Leo Raj, gregorule, Jacquelyn, Zaidi, Mr. Right, and [s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d]; and I left with some answers and more questions! YapThomas kindly offered me a lift home, and apparently went on to party the night away . Dang I haven’t been clubbing for ages, makes me feel old… just like that guy in the pasar malam who calls me ‘uncle’ makes me feel ooolldd :-p

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missTANGGUO on :

OH WOW! too bad i'm in sg... haix.. :'(

hweicheng on :

Did I see strawberries? Omg... kuih lapis!! rendang!!!! drools

Haha! Criticizing using 'pantun'.How intellectual! Imagine criticizing using poems! WHoa...!

Oh oh... and telling who is clicking by checking their IP addresses... Is that really possible? I mean, can you really know who exactly is that individual? Do you know how?

Cheers! Gotta run for tutorial! =)

sexyinred on :


The foods photos are yummy!!! It made me hungry now!!! :-P's still long way to go before breaking fast

Nice talking to you the other day too :-)

julian on :

missTANGGUO - I'm sure they'll do something in Singapore too, just keep an eye on the Nuffnang blog

hweicheng - Missing Malaysian food eh?
I guess they can't tell the individual, but where the clicks are coming from. But there must be limits too.

sexyinred - I think I'd find fasting pretty difficult. I get grumpy and have a headache if I miss lunch for some reason :-P

kuE on :

hi there julian, nice meeting you that day ;-) at first i thought, "mat salleh mana ni ek?" hehee...

julian on :

Er... I'm afraid I can't really work out who you are, but thanks for dropping by :-) OK, sekarang cuba sekit BM: mat salleh ni tinggal di Malaysia enam tahun sudah!

eugene on :

Wow...nice gathering you went to.

PS. No alcohol, because it's buka puasa. :-)

julian on :

Mungkin lah, tapi saya menikir juga mahal untuk Nuffnang atau the apartment :-)

synical on :

Great food porn.

I feel a little weird eating local fare at a place like that. (Or ordering lamb shank at William's). But it's just me.

Zaidi on :

Hi Julian,

Hope we can meet at another chit chat session most probably for "teh tarik"

julian on :

synical - ya, but sometimes it has a nice touch

Zaidi - Hopefully :-) Are you trying for any of the movie screenings?

Redmummy on :


tq for your effort sending comments in bahasa julian, at least u tried.

gonna stick around here, hope to see you around.

julian on :

Wah! Ada ulasan dari top-berblogger Redmummy :-D
Terima kasih untuk menyokong mencuba saya dengan BM :-)

maRCus on :

what a night... WHAT A NIGHT!! ahahaha :-D

julian on :

Ya it was good :-)

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