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My blog has been graded

blog readability test
Well, given that I am doing a PhD, but that I do want what I write to be readable and not too jargony, I don’t know if this is good or bad…

Anyway, it’s good for all audiences…
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Hmm… so my blog is basically rated for kids?

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

jeez… what a wussy blog is my blog…

Do you talk too much in your blog?

This is just getting stupid – it says “On average, your blog posts are around 2 words in length. This is 100 percent shorter than other bloggers who took this test.” – there must be something wrong with the way it looks at my site…


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Simon Seow on :

Something is really wrong here lol. But those test can't be trusted.

julian on :

ya :-) it must be looking at the wrong page or something...

synical on :

I got Elementary School, Restricted, 9.7% cuss rate and no result on the last one.

My guess is that they only look at the front page at the moment, instead of the whole site altogether.

They're supposed to be for fun, not to be taken seriously because there's no consistency - my cuss rate used to be waaaayyy higher the last time I took it.

azrin on :

Wei..something must be darn wrong because it looks so funny in Chrome and Firefox.

must be yr ads again. Anyway congrats.

azrin @

julian on :

synical - ya, maybe on the actual page there really isn't anything, i.e. it is just an empty shell for the rest of the blog...

azrin - sorry for the trouble, I'm probably going to remove some of the ads ("Shopping Ads") which have brought in zero money so far in the last two months. What's Chrome like??

kenwooi - yep! Try it out!

eugene on :

You know, you could always flash some of your academic jargon and knowledge a little, now and then. It just might impress some people. Adds a certain dimension or 'aura' to your blog, haha.

julian on :

Hmmm... like how responding to comments enables the accumulation of social capital both in the form of concrete links and reciprocal ties? ;-)

eugene on :

Hahahaha.... perhaps... worth a try.

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