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Rangoon Creeper

WooHoo! My blog is bloggable again! There was server migration last week, and it took a while for it to get right... Anyway, here's a post on our garden.

When we first got our garden started, we had Morning Glory creepers all along the fence to provide screening (we have a corner lot). It was not a good idea – although Morning Glory is cheap and does the job, it grows too fast, and you have to be constantly trimming it to stop them climbing up and around the trees and anything else it gets close to.

So, we decided to replace it with another slower creeper, which I think is the Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica). We got one for about RM15 at Sungai Buloh on the 14th May, and this is what it looked like once I planted it

Fast forward to the 23rd August, and you can see it’s grown considerably (but the Morning Glory would probably be covering the whole fence in the same time). It grows well in the direct sun, and I trimmed the top off a few tendrils to encourage more growth around the bottom.

on that day, I also noticed what I guessed would be future flowers

On the 2nd September, you can clearly see the buds forming

and five days later, some flowers have bloomed :-) I like the mix of white and pink

and here is an overall view of the whole plant (with compost bins to the left and right)

Looking at the picture, I think I’m going to trim some of the lower branches…


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hweicheng on :

HAHA! Are you one of the garden hardcores?
So so so soooo dedicated to your dear garden even though you have no time to sleep!

julian on :

No, not really ... you should see all the weeds in my garden! But I like to grow things, it's kind of therapeutic :-)

tinytapir on :

cool. I love how it looks! Will look amazing once it's covered the entire wall.

julian on :

Ya I hope so, lots of clusters of flowers :-)

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