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Prime Minister moonlighting in Beijing?

We caught the Olympics closing ceremony last night, and the English wheeled out Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, in a not very memorable performance with Leona Lewis.

While I was watching them, I couldn’t help thinking that Jimmy Page reminded me of someone; then my wife got it. What do you think?

Check it out, it’s clearer in the video :-D


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falcon on :


ww on :

LOL! great poses you manged to find. haha! however, it was your mother in law la.

julian on :

falcon - yep :-)

ww - Soh-ree! OK it was MIL.

hweicheng on :


Superb observations there!

Hmmm... but I reckon they only look alike when both portray the calm look.
Our PM has this very skill to maintain his tranquilized look ..even though when he is all stimulated. Erm... am I indicating he is emotionless?....


julian on :

Well, I guess we don't really know what's going on his mind... could be anything ;-)

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