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Death Race - a review

Do any of you remember the cartoon Wacky Races? It was about a car race of wacky cars

And the bad guy was always trying to sabotage the others, but ended up coming last each time although he had the fastest car…

It ran from 1968 to 1970, but I remember watching it in French as a kid, probably around 1977-8.

1975 saw Death Race 2000

It had a pre-Rambo Sylvester Stallone in it – who (surprisingly enough) has a role that involves wielding a machine gun and killing as many people as possible with his car. I guess some things never change :-)

Well, Death Race, which just came out and which I got to see thanks to Nuffnang, is a remake of Death Race 2000, and I couldn’t help thinking of Wacky Races too, when I was watching it. Perhaps they all reflect America’s obsession with cars and violence… It’s strange, although this movie has its fair share of violence and gore, I think that Death Race 2000 – where you have old people being run over to score points, and one scene where nuns were run over – was more gratuitously violent than this one, where the race is on a closed race track on ‘Terminal Island’, only other prisoners (i.e. bad guys anyway, except for our hero) get killed.

It’s an action movie, set in the future where America is beset by unemployment and crime, and all the prisons are run by private corporations. Profit is the major motive, and the warden of Terminal Island prison has come up with the ultimate reality show – a race to the death between prisoners driving heavily armed souped-up sports cars.

It’s kind of a mix between Mad Max and Rollerball, and the hero is sent to jail and finds out he has a role to play… (don’t want to spoil the story for you)… Overall, it was worth watching, though some aspects (such as prisoners in a high security prison being given unlimited access to all the tools etc. in a car workshop) are unrealistic.

The action and stunts were good

the actresses were hot

actors were also not bad ;p

and the acting was generally pretty good.

If you watch it, you’ll find out who ‘Frankenstein’ is, and how his battle to the death ultimately finishes.

Overall, I'd give it a 7.5/10 - an action-packed, well directed and produced movie, with some very realistic stunts, but some niggling problems with realism.


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thevan on :

heyya.. how old are u if i may ask..

i remember wakin up on sat and sunday morning to watch cartoons.. and i quite remember wacky races.. twas eons ago man! and that ostrich that goes beep beep.. and.. flinstones.. and son-dad, dog dua..

julian on :

About to turn 39 - getting old... Flintstones was after my time - everything came a bit later to Luxembourg though (that's where I lived as a kid)

thevan on :

oh.. so u r not really msian?

n also i have to say, yur post on that pps thingy.. one click on it and i found miself clickin away all those super ol' blog links. i spent almost 2- 3 hrs on dems.

julian on :

No, not at all. Been here 6 years+ though :-)
Ya, the dangers of blogging eh? A great tool for procrastination :-P

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