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I become a Pole Dancer

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to see the semi-finalists of the Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing Competition.

They were mostly girls, but two guys were in there all the same – respect! All the semi-finalists all did a short number on a pole, and one of the guys was OK, but the other was too obviously repeating memorised movements with any natural feel. The girls were also variable, with some obvious no-nos, but generally not bad. Some were very good at climbing up the pole too!

Who am I to judge you ask? Well I have a Pole Dancing Certificate (of Participation), delivered by Lola of Viva Vertical :-D

And see what she can do!

OK, I didn’t have to do that to get the certificate, but I did learn a few moves to 'impress' my wife with ;-)

Other bloggers who became instant Pole Dancers were Jolene


Clare (who's on a visit to Semenanjong from Sibu, with someone who I forgot to get the details of - sorry! :/ )

and Isaac (in between the two lovely ladies - guess which one is the semi-finalist ;-) )

Overall, I enjoyed meeting some new bloggers and learning something about pole-dancing. The event was run quite efficiently, and made me think about how marketing/PR people try harder and harder to do events that get the individual media people participating and interested. I guess just handing out press releases is not enough any more: the lady giving a speech talked of "consumer engaging" events, and the event itself was called a "Media Workshop" - which suggests a more interactive approach than if it were called a 'media presentation', for example. The final is on the 5th September, at Zouk - hopefully I'll get to go there too!

Unfortunately for us bloggers, we didn't get the same goody bag the 'real' media got :-( In fact, no freebies at all, apart from the food and the pole dancing lesson. I wonder if giving freebies influences the journalists (or bloggers) in any way... what do you think?


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Soon Seng on :

Hey there! My story is up too! go have a look! haha..

April on :

Hey Julian, saw you at the media workshop there while you were trying out the pole and all of the semi-finalists agreed that you we're pretty good with it. :-D

julian on :

Soon Seng - Hiya, thanks for dropping by and nice to have met you :-)

April - Thanks >blush< - coming from you that's a real compliment! :-D

Simon Seow on :

Hi Julian, nice meeting u.Yeah, for Clorets they separate media and bloggers. The launching of the pole dancing contest, I have to ask for the goodie bag lol.

hweicheng on :

Smoooking HoooT! Go Julian GO!

There were some controversies here before on Pole dancing. Some says it is a healthy activity, others claimed there is no need to be dancing with a pole because it is somehow inappropriate especially when it is a hip thing for kids nowadays.

Whatever it is, I don't have a problem with poles. And why didn't you post up a photo of you on the pole!!!!! LOL

julian on :

Simon Seow - I get it, next time I go straight up and demand it 8-)

hweicheng - I can't see much wrong with it either, but I guess it's associated with strip tease...
I couldn't take a photo of myself dancing, could I? But you can see me a bit on Hannah Tan's blog :-P

hweicheng on :

That photo of you on her page looks.... HAHAHHAHA! quite hilarious... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Good work Julian....Good work. HAHAHA =D

Clare on :

Hi Julian! Nice meeting you the other day! :-D I went to KL with Alvin. Oh, I registered as media but how come I didn't get the goodie bag? :-(

julian on :

hweicheng - thanks, I aim to please ;-)

Clare - Hiya, hope you had a nice time in Semenanjong? I registered as media too - but they were obviously making a distinction between bloggers and the others...

LoLa on :

Thank you for joining in on the workshop, Julian! Hope to see you at the finals and feel free to check out our classes offered for Men too ;-) Take Care! Peace!
-Lola of Viva Vertical

Fiona on :

I was browsing through Lola's blog when I stumbled upon your name. I was thinking, "Hmmm... could it be the same Julian Hopkins?". Clicked on your blog and saw the title 'I become a Pole Dancer'.

I almost fell off my chair.

My ex-lecturer is a pole dancer???

I'm glad to read that it's actually not as drastic as your title. Haha!

Doubt you would remember me. I only took one subject with you (Italian) in my final semester at HELP.

See you at Zouk if you'll be there on the 5th!

julian on :

LoLa - Thanks for the lesson :-) I'm not sure what the plan is for the finals, but hopefully Nuffnang will send me an invite or something.

Fiona - Hi Fiona, I hope you remember some Italian then? Shocked by my secret life revealed eh? Just wait till you see me in hot pants! ;-) (Joking! Don't worry, I wouldn't inflict that on anyone!)

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