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When free isn't enough

Well, my resusable bag giveaway was a miserable failure! :-O

Nobody at all tried to get it, so I was wondering what lessons are to be drawn from it all... and I think these are the relevant points:

• The prize wasn't valuable enough/attractive enough. People (bloggers) aren't that interested in a resusable bag.
• Asking bloggers to do a post is too much (this is relative to the prize of course). When I think of, I've also sometimes been interested in some Nuffnang thing, but not had the time or inspiration to come up with a relevant blog post.
• If I had only asked for some comment of some kind, I may have attracted some response: not all readers are necessarily bloggers, and obviously leaving a comment is easier than doing a post.
• I needed more publicity - I got 100 hits on the post over 10 days, average 10 a day. If there had been more people who knew about it, obviously more may have tried.

Bottom line though: not attractive prize combined with too much work!


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synical on :

Sorry to hear that.

I WOULD try, but I've not been inspired lately. Comment-based entries would've been waaay easier. :-)

julian on :

No worries, lesson learnt and all that :-)

anansie on :

well, i suppose if the bag was the "i am not a plastic bag" bag, then it'll be hot, cos frankly, brand hungry mortals will want it..

.. sorry to hear about the competition. too bad, their loss, the RUME bag IS a FAB.

julian on :

Hmmm... should have used a marker pen then ;-)

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