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Kuching shop signs

I finally did my presentation, and I’m now officially on holiday! Aaaaahhhh feels good :-D

After paying for the rooms at the Bako National Park, I wandered back to the hotel through some of the old streets of Kuching – it’s a charming place, with old shophouses still thriving (apparently anyway).

Here are some photos of shop signs – they show the old and new overlapping, and the different languages and scripts reflect the pluralistic foundations of Sarawak.

Malay, Chinese and Jawi

Malay, Chinese and English

The blinds are used to shade from the sun, and as decorative space

...and the ever-present, real thing

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We ate at a food court place in Carpenter Street (where I the shop signs are). A very nice seafood porridge (just as I like it, with a tasty soup and non-mushy rice), and some kuey chap - which is a local speciality The kuey chap is mix of various fr


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