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Indiana Julian and the Temple of Earth

In American academic tradition, archaeology falls under the general discipline of anthropology. So, since Indiana Jones is American, and I taught in the American Degree Program, that kind of makes him and me colleagues!

See the resemblance? No? Try squinting hard, even closing your eyes!

OK, maybe he’s a bit more ‘athletic’ than I am… But I also went on a quest, braving danger and near death, just to look for answers to impending environmental disasters :-O

Crawling through caves…

almost drowning in hidden water traps…

and then, when the summer equinox sun shone at 12pm through the hidden grove...

a blinding light shone out, and I saw it...

It was a RuMe ! The ecofriendly bag that says “ReUseMe!”…

OK, that was maybe a bit of an anticlimax :-P But I was using the bag for my sleeping bag, and the sun shining down looked so nice.

Coming soon: a review of the Rume reusable bags, and a Giveaway! Yes! Something for FREE :-)

**This review has not been paid for, but I have been supplied free reusable bags by Tiny Tapir in order to be able to review them. All views are my own, and I am not required to give a positive review.**


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hweicheng on :

HAHA! HAHAHAHA! Okay...I shall control my laughter....

Awesome adventures u were having! But I suppose not as deadly as Indiana Jones eh? =P

julian on :

Ya, amazing what I get up to on the weekends ;-)

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