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Nuffnangers meet for Hancock

Just a quick one, as I really have to work on my upcoming paper (and seminar in Monash, will post details soon – it’s about Blogwars!).

Thanks to Nuffnang, me and the wife got to see Hancock for free on Monday.

It was in Cineleisure at The Curve. We arrived earlyish, and I saw joshuongys and amy briefly before heading up.

There’s a new purikura place at the top now, with an air hockey game which we tried out (the one near the door doesn’t have enough power with the air blowing up… dunno about the others)

Then I went to get the tickets, the indefatigable Robb was there looking, well elegantly coiffed as usual but honestly also a little tired. Anyway, he had Hancock watching over his shoulder to encourage him on

We also met ShaolinTiger, who gave me a couple of useful photography tips. Inside, the theatre was filling up with Nuffnangers and their guests. Looking at the photos, it seems like someone was trying to get my attention on the right… sorry, if you were calling my name – I heard something, then I wasn’t sure if you were trying to get my attention or someone else…

All in all, the film was OK, a different twist to the usual superhero film, and a small moral lesson in how we can make life easier for ourselves if we’re nicer to others. I also met an ex-student which is always nice, so ‘Hi Susan :)’

As usual, it is mostly young people – as opposed to, for example, the Blog House meeting last Saturday. Overall, if I were to guess, I would say the average age of the Nuffnanger is about 25.

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*Update 12/07/08**
• His Dreamland: Nuffnang Private Screening Aftershock


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joshuaongys on :

whoaaa, u have the links of so many bloggers posting on it.. hehehe cool!!

anyway, we meet again =) thats nice!

Jamie on :

Hi Julian! Good luck with the Blogwars seminar! Would definitely be attending if I were back in KL. Not v relevant to this post, but your dogs are mega-cute! And Lucky's climbing abilities boggles the mind, alright - my dog trembles at the thought of jumping off my bed.

johnny ong on :

u caught in that pic of yrs too. if u noticed on the left hand side, there's a man with white hair. i'm seated next to him.

julian on :

joshuaongys - it's probably not all of them, in fact I did see one that gave me the idea of having Hancock say 'Good job', then I couldn't find it later...

Jamie - Hi Jamie, nice to hear from you :-) Yes Lucky is something special, unfortunately sometimes :/

johnny ong - You mean a white hat or something right? Maybe we'll get a chance to meet up next time?

tzeLih on :

Nuffnang Hancock Private Screening Aftershock....check it out...

julian on :

Thanks! I've added it to the list.

suanie on :

hah! thought i saw you with a hot chick

julian on :

Sorry I missed you, maybe next time...
She was my wonderful wife :-)

strippedsteph on : many on earth did u find them all??
very honoured to be included in the list :-)

julian on :

Lots of searching on Google, Technorati and in Nuffnang! :-)
Thanks for dropping by!

sue me on :

hey there, thanks for the link. in ur picture again. LOL..i think i saw u too. should have say hello next time :-P
btw im 21 not near 25 yet :-P

julian on :

Well it is a guess at an average, but thanks for the info :-)
Yup, hope Nuffnang is doing some more freebies soon!

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