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God is American (and hates Liberals)

I have a terrible secret... I am subscribed to the Human Events newsletter :-O

OK, maybe that doesn't mean much to most Malaysians, but no doubt for American bloggers that would mark me out as a foaming-at-the -mouth right-wing conservative. These are the people who say that McCain "thinks like a liberal" and he is
very disappointing on opposing tough, life-saving interrogation techniques, in wanting to close down Gitmo, and in favoring constitutional protections for enemy combatants.
Only liberals think like that. Only liberal instincts tell us that if we are tough on them, they'll be tougher on us -- as if they need any excuse to be barbaric toward us. They just are. (Limbaugh)

Damn Al-Qaeda loving pussy liberals! Opposing torture - what an idea!

Any way, one of the writers there is Ann Coulter, famous for saying (amongst other inanities) "I don't think I've ever encountered an attractive liberal woman in my entire life.", "It would be a much better country if women did not vote." (yes, she is a woman), and "As soon as the poor start paying their fair share of the tax burden, they'll get a tax cut too." (cited here)

...back to the nationality of God, here is the wonderful example of jingoistic nonsense she started her latest article with:
Last Friday, on the Fourth of July, the great American patriot Jesse Helms passed away. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson also went to their great reward on Independence Day, so this is further proof of God. (Coulter)

Anyway... why do I bother reading her you ask? Well, it's always good to listen to people you disagree with.


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Obefiend on :

you've been Nanged!

i am familliar with Ann Coulter and her extreme views. But i must say i'm not well versed with yank politics. I'm an Anglophile so that means instead of Human Events i subscribe to The Daily Mail. Like HE , Daily Mail loves playing with conservative issues like asylum seekers, NHS and immigration. instead of Ann Coulter we have Richard Littlejohn!

i find it funny that the more we push for a globalised world the more xenophobic people become.

julian on :

Woo hoo! Nang me more :p

It's an understandable reaction to being exposed more to new things - a lot of people recoil from it...

As far as American and UK conservatives, they are pretty much similar, except that in America they are more religious in general.

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