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All-Blogs 100 Days event – Before

Continuing with my data collection re the event, below is a list of posts online before the event. I try to find them by searching for ‘100 days All-Blogs’ in Google and Technorati, and checking the first 10 pages of results (Google returns more than Technorati). Then in the posts I try to follow links from commenters and such, and also guessing who might have posted about it.

To be honest, they mostly say the same thing – just announcing the event details, and so on, some emphasising more the ‘Meet your YB’ aspect than others. I guess what is does show how blogs are used for organising events: 16 21 [updated 08/07/08] blogs in all mentioned it, which may not seem a lot, but the collective readership of those blogs will be in the thousands (mostly concentrated on the big names – Screenshots, Rocky, The People’s Parliament, etc.) [& Malaysia Today 08/07/08].

At the end of the event, one of the last announcements was about the protest the next day, saying ‘see you tomorrow… if you don’t know the details, check the blogs’. Not to re-state the obvious, but it the way it was said – so matter-of-factly – it just brought home to me how much blogs are interwoven with contestatory political action in Malaysia, and how effectively blogs enable the bypassing of controls on information that were so prevalent before. They act as essential logistical nodes that disseminate information and provide an ‘always-on’ low-level mobilising tool for political action.

Blog posts (if anyone has any others, please post them in the comments, thanks :-))

• All Blogs 100 Days [i.e. the official ‘event blog’]: All Blogs 100 Days
Bolehland: 100days, All-Blogs event
• Can you see it?: All Blogs Dinner
• Desiderata-ylchong: CSM for All-Blogs -- UPdate!
• Euphoria in Misery: 100 Days with the YBs ; 100 Days with the YBs POSTPONED!
• Fisherman’s Wharf: All Blogs 100 Days on 5th July
• I am Malaysian: 100 days…and counting
• JDMBunga Raya-Wangsa Daily: All-Blogs’ “100 Days” do is now on July 5
• KLConfidential: More Good News!; ATTENTION!!!; All Blogs Talks...100 Days
• MageP’s Lab: ALL-BLOGS: Celebrating 100 days with our Yang Berkhidmats
• Mental Jog: 100 days celebration with YB
• MikeMmery: All Blogs 100 Days & Nuffnang New Poll
• Mob’s Crib: ALL-BLOGS Makan-makan
• Rocky's Bru: Malaysian bloggers to mark end of a short honeymoon; All-Blogs’ “100 Days” do is now on July 5; Tonight at Blog House
• Screenshots: 5 years of blogs + 100 days of Yang Berblog
• The People’s Parliament: Celebrating 100 days of being almost there

**Update 8 July 2008 - More posts**
Avani’s favorites: Celebrating 100 days of being almost there
Malaysia Today: 28 JUNE 2008 AT BLOG HOUSE
shanghai fish: Celebrating 100 days with our elected YB's (Yang Berkhidmat's ) !
squeak. speak. roar!: (Plug) 100 days!
What A Lulu: Yup! Lulu's Joining In The Celebration!
4896: 100 days


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