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Sunrise at Jelawang Waterfall, Kelantan

I went on a nice hiking trip last week, to Jelawang Falls (aka Stong Falls) in the Gunung Stong State Park (GSSP) in Kelantan . It’s said to be the highest waterfall in SE Asia (apprx. 300m). In any case, there is an amazing view from the top, and we got to see a wonderful sunrise on the second morning – here’s a short film I put together (length 1:20)

When I got back and was looking at the photos I noticed that for a while the sun seemed to be sitting in a cup made of light or something (can’t find a good way to describe it…)

it reminded me of something I had seen before in Ancient Egyptian art. Hathor has something similar on her head – it’s mean to represent the sun rising between the horns of a cow

To me it looked similar – what do you think?

The trip was organised by KB Backpackers: it cost RM250 for 3d/2n, with a guide, full board and all expenses paid – except for the train to get to Stong which cost about RM90 for a return sleeper from KL. The accommodation and food is pretty basic, but overall it was money very well spent, and we had a great time. Thanks to the organisers and friends for the good company and good times – you know who you are :-D

I’ll post a bit more about the trip soon, I have some pictures of flowers I’d like to put up too.

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I took some photos of flowers and plants during our trip to Gunung Stong, intending to identify them with their Latin names and all that, but it turns out my book “Plants for Tropical Landscapes” really only focuses on plants for gardens, so I’ll just tel


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Hwei Cheng on :

Haha! I thought you got that photo of Hathor from our Anthropology textbook b4 checking out the source. LOL Interesting... nice nice.

julian on :

hmm - I dun think there was a picture of Hathor in there... or even much to do with Ancient Egypt - sure you're not mixing it up with Western Civilisation? hehe ;p

Paul on :

Nice video! That "cup" you mention is a result of the sun's light being refracted through the different layers of the atmosphere.

Paul on :

On second thoughts... At first I thought the "cup" was meant to be in the video, and be a common observation.

However, tilting my screen allowed me to see that the static picture you have shows a a band of light "cupping" the sun, as shown in the Egyptian picture. This is probably light reflected from dust in the lower part of the atmosphere, the amount of dust (and thus relection) decreasing with altitude. That kind of thing might have been common in desertic environments, like Egypt?

julian on :

Makes sense, it might be more enhanced in a desert environment...

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