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Say it like it is

I think that the appointment of local councillors is a very important part of the new state governments’ programme. By doing it effectively – appointing local people who are active in the community and ready to work transparently and engaging with the residents of the area – local democratic practices can be built, strengthening inter-ethnic ties and improving people’s quality of life.

So far, I’m not super-impressed to be honest, though I’m not following it very closely. MP Tony Pua says something about it.

Anyway, it’s funny to see “Former Subang Jaya assemblyperson Lee Hwa Beng” (I assume MCA) trying to criticise the PR Selangor government, but at the same time shooting himself in the foot:
“They are like us - putting our cronies and supporters into local councils. They are doing the same thing which they have criticised us for before” (Khir: Some councillors 'not locals' [needs subscription], my emphasis)

Well. At least he’s admitting it I suppose :-P

OK, I was going to try to do a list of Selangor government politicians’ blogs, but it’s not as straightforward as I thought, and I’m not feeling well today (slight fever and cold…).

SoPo Sentral has a list of Political Parties & Politicians - but it could do with being updated and expanded.

And here a few more:
elizabeth wong: she hasn’t updated her profile and I can’t remember exactly what she is, I think both assemblyperson and MP for PKR.
Tan Seng Giaw: DAP MP for Kepong

Screenshots: Jeff Ooi - DAP MP in Penang

I must say, it seems that politician-bloggers such as Jeff Ooi and Elizabeth Wong have been doing a lot less blogging since they got elected. It doesn’t surprise me, as I’m sure they’re very busy – and there may also be some concern about having a common voice for their party, but all the same, a blog is a very good way of keeping interested constituents up to date…

**Update 22/06**
A correction to the above: Jeff Ooi has been keeping his blog up to date, but I am surprised to see that Eli Wong, and Tian Chua have not updated their profiles to say they are now MPs.


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